Coobra Mega Pack (390 g)

Coobra Mega Pack (390 g)

Yeast for large mixture - 100l at the same time

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  • A special developed yeast to improve fermentation of 25 kg sugar of 28 kg dextrose. 

    Instruction: Dissolve 25 kg sugar or 28 kg dextrose into 40 liters of hot water and shake or stir thoroughly. Fill up with cool water to a total volume 100 liters. When temperature reaches  25 deg C add sachet content and shake or stir thoroughly. Alcohol content level up to 18%. Fermentation in 4-6 days dependents of room and yeast temperature 22-28 deg C. Do not use an airlock.

    Content: Yeast, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

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