Spiral prismatic packing copper 0,5 l

Spiral prismatic 0,5

22,00 €

  • Prismatic copper springs used as catalytic rectification column inserts, resistant to organic acids.

    Inserts packed in 500 ml bags.

    The thicker 0,4mm wire ensures that the springs are stiffer and are not as susceptible to mechanical destruction. Taking into account the fact that copper inserts are subject to gradual dissolution during cleaning with citric acid, the lifespan of springs made of thicker wire is significantly longer.



    Material - 0,4mm electrolytic copper wire

    Diameter - 4-5mm

    Length - 8-10mm

    Bulk density 0,8 - 0,9kg/l



    Copper is able to catalytically oxidize many organic and inorganic sulfuric compounds that are present in fermentation mashes, mainly due to the presence of sulfur-containing proteins metabolized by yeast (i.e. cysteins). The copper catalyzer removes the resulting foul, egg-like, odor from the still. In addition, its copper insert functions similarly to its steel equivalent: it increases the area of heat exchange area in the rectification column, which in turn translates into a stronger distillation product of higher purity.



    In its utilization in coated rectification columns it is recommended to place the copper insert at the bottom of the column in the catalytic filter.



    As time elapses the copper will become covered in a blue-green patina due to the slow corrosion of its surface. For the purpose of removing this coating, the copper insert must be dipped into a hot cytric acid solution (100 g of cytric acid in 2 L of water) until the patina is removed.


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