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  • LM rectification column - Distiller

    Version distiller - gas 

    What makes this column stand about the rest is its continuous distillate collection capability at a purity of between 94 - 96% without diminishing in the quality of the distillate at any point in the process.

    Average efficiency is between 0,5 L per hour.

    The cooling head is constructed of a smooth tube having a diameter of 8mm and length of 3 m, ensuring optimal cooling with minimal water usage of around 80 L per hour.

    The distillation head has a third hole that facilitates the venting of the column- it acts as a fuse to drop excess pressure in case of lack of cooling.

    The LM system includes an internally regulated reflux by a Highflow needle valve, which aids in the collection of the pre-run, followed by the actual run and finally the post-run used in the next batch.

    Ease of use of use is ensured by just a few simple steps in the operating instructions.

    Safety of operation is guaranteed by its open, pressure-less system design.

    In the threaded connection between the container and the column there is a silicon gasket.

    Temperature measurement is by an electronic thermometer accurate to 0.01 °C.

    A yield of about 7 L of pure consumable distillate is possible to achieve with this apparatus from a raw mixture of 45 L.

    Entire construction is argon-TIG welded and subsequently heat treated.

    Thanks to its precise construction and functionally-oriented design, this apparatus is easy to use, flawless, and completely safe. Assembly and disassemble takes only a few minutes. This still allows for the collection of a beverage of high purity in a taste of your choice. Dare to convince yourself to see what you can come up with. Free from unpleasant odors. Cleanly, quickly and conveniently. 

    Technical parameters:
    - column height 1,25 m,
    - tube 50,8 mm,

    - 30 L capacity tank,

    - height of complete apparatus 1,80 m,
    - connection of the tube and the head – clamp connector,
    - connection of the column and the container – thread connection,
    - micrometric valve of acid-resistant steel,
    the cooling head is constructed of a smooth tube having a diameter of 8mm and length of 3 m, ensuring optimal cooling with minimal water usage of around 80 L per hour,
    - two thermometers: one electronic needle-type for the precise measurement of the distillation head to
    0.01 °C and the other a panel-type for the measurement of the container temperature.

    - two heaters (2 kW and 1,4 kW) on independent circuits, 
    - 2 m silicon hose,
    - vent built into the distillation head,
    - ball valve of ½ stainless steel for the drainage of the distillate with a 12mm spigot to fit the hose, 
    - set of 10 stainless steel filters and 3 spiral scrubber copper XL filter 40 g

    The apparatus is covered by 24 month guarantee.

    All components of the apparatus undergo rigorous quality control and assembly.

    Every threaded connection is sealed with Teflon tape.

    After assembly the product is ready for use.

    Also on offer:
    Detailed operating instructions, including:
    - A description of how the rectification column works, 
    - The processes related with its operation,
    - Raw mixture recipes

    The operating instructions are divided into two sections. The first 2-page part contains the more important temperature data as well as information essential for the distillation process to be started and finished. The second 19-page part discusses the processes that occur inside the distillation column as well as a specific guidelines of distillation. It also contains a history of distillation, tried and true sugar- and fruit-based raw mixture recipes, safety instructions during the distillation process, filtration methods, the setting of the purity of the distillate and much more useful information.

    The still can also be used for the collection of distilled water or other consumable or industrial liquids, such as: flower essences or concentrated aromatic substances.

    Please come take a look!

    • Column height 1,25 m
    • The outside diameter of the tube 50,8 mm
    • Capacity tank 30 L
    • Height of complete apparatus 1,80
    • Connection of the tube and the head clamp connector
    • Connection of the column and the tank thread connection
    • Stainless steel filters 10 pieces
    • Prismatic copper springs No
    • Spiral scrubber copper 3 pieces
    • Type of cooler spiral cooler 3 m welded permanently
    • Catalytic converter for use with the prismatic springs No

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