We wish to win our clients over by offering high quality, functional products of modern design – stills and alcohol accessories.

We will exceed our clients’ expectations in our ongoing quest to offer the widest selection of products.



We wish to become the leader in terms of the widest variety of stills on the market.

Our company vision is strong in principle with a solid capital market foundation, able to take on ever greater challenges.


Company Strategy

We offer products of the highest quality to our clients. We have a solid foundation in the national market and we desire to achieve the same goal in foreign markets.

Attaining reasonable financial goals will allow our company to achieve optimal economic growth and, as a result, the ability to design and develop the latest technological solutions. In this way we will offer our clients access to the most modern solutions going forward.

Our goal for the next 5 years is to develop a line of industrial stills for agro tourism, the hotel industry as well as regional breweries. 


You will receive a product of the highest quality, capable of producing a variety of beverages of unparalleled taste.


The store through which you are currently browsing is a preview of our company profile containing copious information about what we have on offer. Every order is looked after with the utmost care. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.