Regulator Power 3,4 kW GROUNDED

Regulator Power

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  • The PRD1 is designed for the regulation of the heating element power. Depending on the model of the element, the maximum regulated power is 3,5kW or 5kW (delivered on order). 
    With the use of two buttons, the user is able to regulate the power delivered to the apparatus from 1-99%. The current power setting is shown on the LED display.

    The regulator is grounded – only such a regulator is adequate for the management of the power delivered to heating elements used in metal containers, such as those used in the domestic production of alcoholic beverages.


    Easy assembly and use, ensures optimal control over the power delivered to the heating apparatus. 
    Three start-up modes: 
    a) quick delivery of the pre-set power level – the regulator immediately delivers the pre-set power level
    b) soft start – after turning on, the power delivered is gradually increased from 0% to the pre-set power level over the course of a few seconds at most. 
    c) full start – after turning on, the power level is reduced from 100% to a pre-set level over the course of a few seconds at most. This mode is mainly used when pumps and ventilators are used whose motor must start at its maximum rotation speed, only afterward decreasing to a pre-set speed. 

    No unnecessary cables
    Ease of assembly
    Clearly visible LED
    Ease of use

    24 months from the date of purchase

    Operating instructions (in electronic form, upon request)


    The drivers may also be used with:
    - distillators
    - smoking cold cuts and other meats
    - brewing of beer

    Technical specifications

    Input power: 230V/50Hz +/- 10% V

    Operating temperature: -10 to 60 o C

    Dimensions: 120x70x50mm

    Construction: fire-retardant material

    Level of protection: IP20

    Compliance with standards: PN-EN 60529
    Maximum regulated power: 3,5kW
    Maximum power drawn: 0,3W
    Thermal protection: YES
    Cooling: active (ventilator)