Original Solutions in Distillation

It is worth remembering that pure spirits should not be used in the preparation of home-made tinctures. This is not due to the resulting tincture being too strong, but it is related with the process of extraction of the aromatic ingredients used in its preparation. The extraction of these aromatics is, to put it another way, their “removal” from the ingredients with which the tincture is prepared. The 95% alcohol content will not allow for the full extraction of aromatics from fruit, it will only preserve them. Spirits used in the preparation of tinctures should be of an alcohol content higher than 70%.

The simplest method by which to determine the percent content of alcohol is with an alcometer. The percent content of pure alcohol is measure first, followed by the gradual addition of water in aliquots, preferably along the wall of the vessel. It is then left for 10 – 20 min. Only then is the percent content of the beverage measured. This procedure is repeated until the optimum percent content is obtained.